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Just a more creative and diverse way to say "shithead"
Rick:Damn! Tom is such a caca head!
Tom: Hey...fuck you...

*clearly caca head is more of an insult or come back than "fuck you"
by Oliver April 11, 2005
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An idiot; a person who's head is full of crap; a person with a head made of caca; you :)
You cacahead!
Stop it, cacahead!
by VforVagina January 08, 2006
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A 'crap-head'. Originates from the German slang word 'Caca', which means crap.
You are even more of a caca-head than your mother.
by Peiper January 05, 2005
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A word to say when you can't curse so you say this besides "shithead."
Randol: "Bro, Joceliz is such a caca head."
Seth: "Yeah Bro she is man."
Rudy: "Yo guys calm down be nice to her man."
by TrustworthyPanda January 10, 2017
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