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an intoxicated female is waiting for an equally intoxicated male to ejaculate while she is giving oral sex, to expedite the process. caaa'mon would be a response. This would hopefully proceed a "money shot".
Nicole stated caaaa'mon, while she struggled on her knees for her man to climax. After all, it has already been ten whole minutes. What the fuck, whats taking so long?
by five o September 05, 2009
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1.The solo response to complete and udder idiocracy. The immediate response when faced by a moron.

2. Suprised and disgust.
A complete stranger at a bar says to a female "Hey baby u should see the size of my cock." she replies with "caaaa'mon!"

On a one nite stand, you bring a girl home, pull her panties Down her and see a hairy bush. One would replie with a caaaa'mon!
by Ace90210 August 29, 2009
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