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"Snake, lookit your rations! You will not be able to use frozen C-rats!"
-Colonel Campbell in MGS, if you contact frequency 140.85 while equipped with frozen rations
by Dave March 28, 2004
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"Man fuck Donald trump, he wants to build a wall and don't pay taxes!!"
by January 30, 2017
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An individual from the upper-classes. A step up from the 'bourgies' of the affluent middle-classes.

Usually a noun, although can also be used as an adjective, and very occasionally, as a verb.
He plays croquet and still calls his dad 'daddy' at the age of 40, what a crat.

I suspected that she was from quite a bourgie family, it was only when I found out that her family live in a castle and go grouse hunting at the weekends that I realised that she's actually a fully-fledged crat.

You really should get your hair cut. Only Hugh Grant can pull off such a crat hairstyle.

The tranquil silence that reigns in the office is occasionally broken by the boss noisily cratting about the place in his blue blazer and chinos.
by Anti-norwellian April 08, 2010
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Crat - a hybrid of "cat"and "rat" and is a term loosly used by people who consider "crats" to be on the level of street vermin, and take pleasure in exterminating them as such.
I stopped in a pet store to get a dog food dish to use to hold bullets while I am reloading. I like the rounded botton and the no-spill shape, plus they are cheap. An engaging little girl was looking at a cat in a display cage and asked me what kind of cat that was. I toned down my response since her dad was standing next to her.

I told her it was a very old type of cat known as a "target crat". In a loud and excited voice she proclaimed to her dad and all the other customers "That crat's a target!" I head for the check out counter quietly while the other customers were trying to convince the girl that the cat wasn't a target. She wouldn't believe them and kept yelling "The crats a target! The crat's a target crat. That nice old man told me so!".
by The Ronin Edge August 26, 2009
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A crat is a big ass rat that is often mistaken to be a cat. It is in fact the size or larger of a cat and is often found deep in the hood.

When a crat is living indoors, the tenants often pay rent to it versus the actual landlord for fear of their family's safety.
- "Oh, look at the cute cat sitting next to that crackhead! I wanna pet it!"
- "No gurl, that's a big ass crat! Run, bitch, run!"
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by @IrvingGreenLA May 13, 2016
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