Translation: It's not a church here.

However, "icitte" is a word used only in Quebec. Its French counterpart would be "ici." Both words translate to "here" in English.
C'est pas une eglise icitte, vous pouvez faire n'importe quoi.

It's not a church here, you can do whatever you'd like.
by Keitorin August 7, 2005
Translation: It's not a church here.

Meaning: You can do whatever you like in this place, there are no special rules.
by pro-nun-see-A-shun July 7, 2003
Translation: You're not in a church.

Meaning, you're free to indluge in sinful pleasures and/or do what you want.
F: "Tabarnak"
M: "Arrete de sacre!"
F" "C'est-pas-une-eglise-icitte!"
by bluejeanbaby October 12, 2006
Translation: It's not a church here you are at Wal-Mart.
Said when you shop at Wal-Mart and you know they use 3rd world child labor and dont particularly care.

It's not a church here, you are in hell....we are all going to hell in a hurry anyways you can exploit at will.
regarde la belle chemise designer dans le rack avec le bonhomme jaune juste 1,49$...comment y font?

Ostie!c'est-pas-une-eglise-icitte té chez Wal-Mart
by notSmiley February 1, 2006