Cocaine and Champagne. The perfect mix of up and down.
Person 1:What are we doing tonight?
Person 2:We were thinking of keeping it classy with some C & C.
by BallinHard February 14, 2009
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24 ounce bottled soda that costs 50 cents. Comes in many flavors including, Cola, Ale, Orange, Pineapple, Banana, Candy Apple, etc.
Mike: What do you want from the store?
Lester: A bag of chips and an orange C&C.
by Angelo0317 February 07, 2006
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cham·pagne and co·caine - sham-peyn and koh-keyn - Champagne & Cocaine - Refers to drinking champagne and doing cocaine. Also refers to partying hard and staying up doing cocaine until the wee hours of the morning the next day.
Want to C & C tonight?

Let's do C & C tonight!
by SikVik December 03, 2007
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Short of "Command and Conquer" a popular RTS Series. Originally the FIRST EVERY RTS, Its grown since then under the parentage of "Westwood Studios" which was later taken over by "EA". The series has begun to become lackluster under EA.
by Drunken Demoman March 19, 2010
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Coke and Code.
When you are up late at night, and not sure what you should do. You grab some coke and then go do some coding, you my friend are a nerd/technical manager!
02:40:11 <chopp3r> uhuh
02:40:23 <chopp3r> am considering coke and code, or bed
02:41:05 <head_rush> Coke and code :)
02:41:06 <head_rush> C&C
by Ken December 08, 2004
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