Cocky and funny. A strategy used to score with hot chicks.
Just be C & F with that HB9 and you're in!
by blubbery August 6, 2010
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Cocky and funny, strategy used, mostly, by slime buckets and scumbags to get women to like them. Big with so-called dating gurus.
man, I went all c & f on her and got to third base in no time. dat shit works all the time, yo!
by Silenos May 19, 2008
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Every Luisa is generally memorable, but this one here is completely extraordinary. Currently, there's only one known individual of this species in the whole world, classified as a genuine princess. Actually, the more precise adjectives used to describe this specimen would be those which bear the idea of "out of the ordinary'' - unique, rare, distinguished, that. However, recent studies have shown that not even those would suffice to portray the whole beauty of this one-of-a-kind gender. It seems that something more would be necessary. Something words cannot express, something reason alone cannot explain - something that must be must be felt, not said or thought. Anyways, that's only logicall: this Luisa here, briefly outlined in this short article, is the fullest definition of complete, perfect and incandescent happiness - a joy which only love can give birth to. And love, dear readers, cannot be only explained: in order to be understood, it must also be felt.
A: Wow, how could she be able to do it? That's amazing!
B: It's Luisa C. F. , dude. That's simply how she is - amazing

A: Hey man, look at how lovely that lady is! I could even imagine that's an angel come from heaven
B: Actually it is. It's Luisa, afterall.

A: What is your biggest dream?
B: Luisa
by TM.MM November 24, 2021
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C as F stands for cute as fuck but if you're a dancer, you say cute as fux.
Mattie: Ey yo, Kiyale's freaken c as f!
Vicky: stgnL? She's such a dancer.
by babyonetime June 21, 2010
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I tend to lose interest after accomplishing my sexual conquest, so my philosophy is to tap it and never bother with her again, true F&C style
by fineassplaya July 1, 2010
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