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A legendary player from Jedi Knight Academy. His skills in the game surpassed all limits. bWb is now a term given to players that show great skill.
WOW! The techniques you used in that duel were nothing less than bWb. You have incredible skill!
by rsp1218 May 05, 2005
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The equivalent of a BWB (Basic White Bitch) but for the one who likes watching Queer Eye while doing poppers: the Basic White Bottom.
Nothing can stand between a good dick and this BWB’s cherry, not even protection.
by koboii May 26, 2018
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Noun: Acronym for Big Wallet Bachelor. The male species known as a man with a substantially large income, this is because SIZE does matter. To qualify for this position one must at least make a 6 figure income, but due to recent economic changes and inflation... one must make 7 to qualify.

Note: Money makes up for looks, so if he makes a 6 figure income---he can look like a 7/10.
OMG, Julia I found a BWB @ my office! He makes $151,000 a year...
by LaurieDiem July 10, 2008
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BWB: Bitch With Baggage
I had to break up with ******* because she wouldn't stop whining. she was a classic BWB

What's a BWB?

Bitch With Baggage

by MPtate April 02, 2009
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