Someone who gets turned on by, or derives sexual pleasure from, shopping, or being taken shopping.
(1) Taneequah: Yo, Shaneequah ain't gettin' none, so she went out to the mall and picked up 23 new outfits and a X-Box.

Sharonda: You trippin'. That bitch be buy-sexual all up in herrrrrrre.

(2) Chad: I say, I do believe Edward took Muffy out shopping for jewelry this past week-end, at the conclusion of which, she did give up the booty.

Sheldon: Mmm, QUITE the buy-sexual, wouldn't you say?
by President Warren G. Harding April 23, 2010
a person who when wanting sex will buy it
Q: Are you bi-sexual?
A: No! i am Buy-sexual, when i want sex i buy it!
by paul grant February 23, 2008
One who buys sex, othewise known as john.
I can't afford to be buy-sexual...
by the anti-k May 21, 2006
1. A Prostitute
2. Someone who dates another just for money the other will spend on them
3. You buy-I'm sexual
Fenyx:" I can belive Cat is dating Luke!"
Hydi:" well he is loaded, and she IS buy-sexual"
by Fenyxynning August 24, 2008
The act of purchasing a product for someone in return for a sexual favor or act they perform for the purchaser. Separate from prostitution.
I am buy-sexual. You buy that for me, I will be sexual!
by WNY_Mike April 22, 2010
when a gay person wants to by your reproductive organs for money $$
by scared little boy February 7, 2005