A unit of anal sex, a single thrust. As a unit of force, once standardized, will have the symbol bF. Until then, it’s a sort of gay cubit.
He’s so gay, he lasted 58 buttsecks in bed.

He then beat a homophobe with a force of 31 applier buttsecks of force. U
by iliketoshitmypants69 November 25, 2019
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Humourous way to say anal sex. Usually used in a joking manner.
by YD February 16, 2005
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A polite and gentle way to ask your significant other for anal sex.
by Drop_D April 28, 2007
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To give or recieve pleasure with someone's ass and/or fiddle stick.
Holy crap beyatch, did you just give that rubber chicken hardcore buttsecks?!
by Buttsecks master August 15, 2005
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hello? hey dude wuts up. hey can i call u back in like 20 minutes? i'm buttsecking my girl. aight talk to later, peace.
by jon p from October 24, 2006
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