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A type of sadness or depression that is particularly pathetic, usually with marked self-pity and moping. If you are considered "emo" than you are probably buttsad quite often.
My plans to go see Finntroll in concert fell through, and now I'm buttsad because they probably won't ever tour around here again.
by seventhanubis February 19, 2009
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1) being sad for almost completing something but falling just short.

2) sadness caused by something not being as fun to do or watch as it used to because the creators of product are not even trying anymore and/or has become more predictable.
1) Ever get a 64.9 on an exam? #buttsads.

2) Because of the booking and what has happened over the past four weeks the WWE has been giving me buttsads.
by theotherguy December 02, 2013
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