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One who engages in rectal archaeology.
Wow, Rafael Nadal is a real butt picker - he just loves to pick his clamdigger shorts out of his ass!
by AlioAlio December 03, 2008
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is a christian that picks and chooses from a bible instead of being a good fellow man.. They like to pick their butt really hard in there. It's the joy of reading to bible that releases these tight tensions out of thier butt. For most of that time they need to shove thier finger inside of it and pick it. That is why they pick and choose bible verses. That is why we have to make fun of them and argue with them or they would be deeply depressed because ya know ya just can't be right picking your butt.
Jori laughed at the butt picker nun snapping all the childrens fingers with a ruler because they were getting too weak for the job.
by girlfromthe80's April 09, 2010
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A loser who mooches off of others until his/her times runs out. See also "couch surfer". Butt pickers lack any sort of motivation. Some are sociopaths, true users, but most are lazy indolent types who seek out helping hands to screw over. Get a life, butt pickers.
Although he was a talented carpenter, Johnny was too lazy to find a steady job, and instead chose to lounge around as a butt picker, watching the TV and eating the food of whoever bought his sorry stories.
by tuftskins May 22, 2010
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