A slang term for "Chronic Anal Candidiasis", or in infection caused by a fungi growth on the anal pore. Not unlike a yeast infection, the symptoms include severe itching/burning and a smelly fuckin' white discharge.
"Dude, I can smell your buttfungus...you should have that looked at."
by Colonel Turdburglar July 22, 2005
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Discusting, moldy fungus, growing around, on, or inside a person's butt.
Doctor:I had a patient come in today with some nasty butt fungus, he asks if I would clean it for him. I said" Hell no!!!!!!!!!!!!"
by JOOOOOOOOOOSE January 17, 2010
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The redness of the arse.
OMG you are as red as the irritating skin from the babies diaper that caused buttfungus!
by Optical Illusion January 25, 2011
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