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The butt luge is a complex but totally sweet way to take a shot. First you get a woman to lie down on her stomach naked, then one of you places your mouth between her legs looking at her butt. The person then pours a shot down the top of her butt and drinks it at the end.
Sick, did you see him last night!?" "Yeah dude, he did a butt luge to that ugly girl."
by theonandhunter March 09, 2010
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When a man tries to fold his whiskey dick inflicted penis into a vagina but it slips out and slides down the taint to the butt hole
I was so drunk my dick took a butt luge last night when I tried to bang that girl.
by herki jerks October 25, 2009
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Butt luging was originated in the Bahamas. The term bahama mama came from butt luging. A butt Luger will let a shot ride off the ass of a beautiful slutty babe and slide gracefully into the lugee’s mouth.
My buddy Juan took a Jameson butt luge off that slut over there
by WillieDaWacker January 26, 2019
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