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1. A Girl or woman from the Bahamas normally with a big ass ass.
2. The name of a drink that knocks you the hell out just like a Bahama mama can.
3. The name of restaurnt in the Bahamas where the food is expensive as HELL!! At least for the locals.
"I'm from the Bahamas I should no what the fuck a Bahama Mama is."

Now you use it in a sentence.
by Resses Pieces April 05, 2006
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1. Local name in the Bahamas for an attractive Bahamian lady
2. Awesome cocktail that is outrageously homosexual when consumed anywhere outside of the Bahamas. There are many fake American versions of the recipe. The correct, Bahamian, mix involves liberal measures of the following:
White Rum, 151 Rum, Coconut Liquer, Creme de Cassis, Grenadine and Grapefruit Juice.
3. Overpriced, undervalue restraunt in Nassau, NP.
"Erm, I'll have a Bahama Mama please". - used in a bar.
by Zaarin April 25, 2008
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An alcoholic drink which is often very watered down in bar and grills. Bahama Mama’s are (correctly) made out of ½ oz. dark rum, ½ oz. coconut liqueur, ¼ oz coffee liquor, ¼ oz 151 proof rum, juice of ½ lemon, and 4 oz. of pineapple juice.
This Bahama Mama tastes like it's got cranapple juice in it!
by OneBadAsp October 28, 2006
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An incredible overweight and "round" woman of
Asian/East Asian/Polynesian/Native American Descent.
by DB January 13, 2005
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A sausage made by the Schmidt's family Sausage Haus in Columbus, Ohio. The Bahama Mama is advertised as being a spicy smoked sausage, they even have a Mild Mama for those who can't handle the heat of the Bahama Mama.

Only, the Bahama Mama is one of the most tasteless bland food products that you could ever have the misfortune of eating.

Schmidt's offering a "less" spicy version (the Mild Mama) of the Bahama Mama is like offing a less alcoholic version of bottled spring water.
That fat, buck-toothed, nappy headed ho is about as hot as a Bahama Mama.
by Dublinsaab February 26, 2008
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