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n. (buht-lis) A person of the homeless persuasion who is recruited as a butler or manservant. Payment for services are made with food, water and shelter (most of the time, tents in their master's backyard).
Man 1: It is so hard to find good help these days...
Man 2: I know! That's why I put a tent in my backyard and let a butless find me!
by Rebizzle June 07, 2007
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An idea, statement, or an entity of some sort to which a rebuttal is virtually nonexistent.
Austin: "I like turtles!"

Sean: "Damnit Austin!...You had to say that didn't you?....I guess I just don't have a rebuttal to that... definitely can't refute your statement, guess it is totally butless."
by trebleclef28 September 20, 2013
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