Someone who constantly uses the conjunction "but" instead of using more appropriate forms of speech or the other conjunctions such as "and, or, yet, so, for or nor." The word "but" is frequently used in the phrases "yeah, but..." and "but, what if..." implying a contrary disposition to anything and making for very difficult conversations.
"You look nice today," he said, and instead of saying thank you, she said, "but, does that mean I don't look nice on other days?" He said to himself as he walked away, "What a but-head."

"What a terrific, sunny day," he said, "yeah, but the flowers are beautiful," she replied realizing too late that she had been a but-head.

"The team won the championship," she said, "but, what if the parking lot is crowded," he responded. "A championship for but-heads," she whispered to herself.
by Lawn & Garden June 5, 2013
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The phrase used to justify hooking up with an ugly or sub-par chick.
Jack- Yo dude I finally got with that Katie chick!
Nick- Nice bro, is she hot?
Jack- Head is head bro.
Nick- I'll take that as a no...
by Chris_Wright June 13, 2009
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Similar to bed head however instead of indicating you just got out of bed, it looks like you just gave head.

Characterized by a large hand print on the back of ones head.
by Young Reezie February 15, 2008
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The most pleasurable benefit of giving one's partner a head massage and getting oral sex in return.
I often start giving a simple head massage and it turns into a full blown head for head massage exchange. Give a little, get a little.
by Let's have fun in the sun June 16, 2010
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Used (primarily by dudes, or bros) to describe a certain action/situation that irritates/agitates you/makes you angry.
Dude 1: "bro I can't believe he stole your polo shirt!"

Dude 2: "I know bro, I'm on heads about that!"
by Thejacksonpahl March 12, 2014
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A mysterious ointment. The only thing known about it is how to use it.
Head On, apply directly to the forehead. Head On, apply directly to the forehead. Head On, apply directly to the forehead. Head On.
by BLF July 12, 2006
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That big hard object that is on top of your neck and some people have the ability to think with it
that tree does not have a head
by iambleh December 9, 2015
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