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When kpop idols mess up and stan twitter have to bring Mamamoo into the mess for no reason at all ignoring the fact that they apologized four separate times.

When stan twitter are pressed about Mamamoo's success and feels the need to spread lies and defamation for retweets and likes
Starry Night is a good song but Mamamoo are racist bitches that did blackface 14 times!
That idol messed up but Mamamoo are colorist, racist, and are completely homophobic..
by justjjj June 03, 2018
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But Mamamoo is a phrase that is often used by K-pop “stan Twitter” such as the phrase “But Namjoon”. It is used in the same way when a k-pop stans faves do something problematic and they want to bring attention to what Mamamoo has done. It is also used to sometimes justify what their faves have done. The Korean group Mamamoo once did some things that were problematic and went on to educate themselves. The group even apologized in person at their concert. Afterwards, they never did anything of the sorts again. They are an innocent group but k-poppies still bring them up when it benefits them and their faves.
Susan: Your unnie did blackface, call them out.
Carol: But Mamamoo did it too. Did you forget about them?

Also used as:

Katherine: They should apologize.
Mary-Anne: You stan Mamamoo.( Another form of But Mamamoo)
by Twt:BlasianLegend February 09, 2019
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