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A process whereby cheap advertisers pay bums to hold up signs advertising for them. So far only cheap web advertisers have used this tactic.

Some believe this practice exploits the homeless but it really gives them more money to buy booze and drugs.
"I saw some crappy website using bumvertising but I don't remember the website."
by theChony August 15, 2005
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When a merchant hires a person to stand at a street corner for several hours holding a sign advertising the merchant's place of business and its wares.

A common advertising tactic in Northern Virginia. However, instead of bums, college and high-school aged suburban kids are usually employed due to the lack of actual homeless in this extremely wealthy area.
Driver: - "Hey! Look at that sign the kid is waving." "Mastercraft Interiors is going out of business!!!"

Wife: - "No they're not, Mastercraft has a huge bumvertising campaign every summer to lure you in"

Teenager in Ashburn: - "I couldn't get a job this summer so I got a gig bumvertising for Toll Brother Homes
by White Guy on a Bike July 12, 2010
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