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The act of obtaining an erection with your anus, or "bum". This exhilerating phenomenom can be experienced by both female and male anus, however most common in homosexual males. A bumrection usually lasts somewhere in the vacinity of 5 minutes and 29 hours). Commonly experienced when watching Ben Hur...of which no people are bigger than.
-Why, your bumrection is rather large today...may i penetrate you?
-Heidi:"Wow...what is that odd yet arousing sensation in my rectum...could it be a bumrection?"
Charles:"I'm not entirely sure... but may i poke/prod around and have a look/feel?"
Heidi:"Sure, just dont touch the bumrection....its my first and i shall frame it :D "
by Whilma Zan Zeyk nstein January 19, 2006
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