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1.A homeless person that lives their life doing drugs, asking for money, and sleeping on the streets.

2.A regular person with no job or doesnt attend school. does nothing all day except doing drugs, sleeping, and watching tv.
1. Tom: Dude, that bum has been in that same spot for 2 weeks do u think we should help?
Al: Naw man, hes just living the bum life.

2. Al: Hey Tom when are you finally getting a damn job and stop freeloading off my weed?
Tom: NEVER, im living the Bumlife!
by Chris305 May 22, 2007
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A lifestyle and/or state of being in which a person's lowly economical standing in society is both celebrated and embraced.
Nick had been out of work for nearly a year, but not by choice. Not letting that discourage him, he scrapped, food-stamped, hustled and did what he had to do. Nick was certainly living the BumLife.
by Nikki Stixx December 09, 2018
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