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A cross between bender and bummer. as used in the tv show "the inbetweeners".
Me: your dad is bumder.
by G400 May 08, 2008
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Derogatory term for a homosexual male, a cross between the terms 'bender' and 'bummer.' Made popular by E4 comedy 'The Inbetweeners.'
1. (Original Context)
Neil's dad: Neil! What the hell is going on?! Oh! This place smells like a brewery, and not a nice one. Jay, there's always trouble when you're around, but Will I'm especially surprised at you. I'm so sorry, Steve.
Will: Oh, PISS OFF!
Neil's dad: What? Don't talk to me like that in my own house!
Will: Oh, I'm so sorry. My manners. Piss off PLEASE!
Neil's dad: I've had enough of your lip.
Will: Oh you'd like my lip wouldn't you... right round your bell end, if Mr Chippy doesn't get there first! What's he gonna knock up? A closet for you to hide in? You BUMDER!

2. (Everyday use)
"Oi mate, what's with the earring/pink shirt/George Michael CD/(whatever)? You a bumder or something?"
by Shit in your mum's cunt January 09, 2013
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A cross between the insults 'bummer' and 'bender'. Used by Will in Brittish comedy 'The Inbetweeners'.
by PuffyPanda December 30, 2009
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A cross of the words bummer and bender (both meaning homosexual) used by Will in the comedy the Inbetweeners
Me: H, you're such a bumder!
H: Yeah, I know.
by yesiknowitsme June 14, 2010
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a mixture of a bummer and a bender. The worst of all name calling
hey you know simon ? yeh he is a bumder
what a bumder simon is
simon is a bumder
god simon you;re such a bumder
by ojc3000 April 08, 2009
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