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an old-timey or folksy way to refer to an injured or maimed lower extremity, usually as an excuse for not completing or participating in an activity
"Hey Paladia, wanna come out to the bop and show off your mad old school hiphop skillz?"
"Sorry Ender, I can't go dancing now. Ever since that boating accident I've got this bum leg..."

"That Aatif is such an asshole! Why doesn't he offer to help me carry the tequila bottles home?"
"Jane, you ignorant slut! It's not his fault he has a bum leg."
by Twigler27 January 26, 2012
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when ones bum and leg appear to be fused into one thus giving the appearance that they are just one body part as opposed to two which they actually are. not a nice sight really and rather embarrassing to have a bumleg - altho it cannot be helped!
bumleg is often found on rly skinny people for obvious reasons - these reasons being tht they don't have sufficient meat on them to define their shape into a proper bum shape so insted their bum just fuses into he leg.
by shpannah August 26, 2006
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