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Aatif is a kind, funny, smart and all around amazing person. Usually Asian. He’s the funniest person you’d ever meet, with the best sense of humour. He is smart and can comfort you when you need it. He can be shy and awkward, but it just makes him more adorable. Named after kindness, he sure does live up to it. It’s impossible to forget someone named Aatif, mostly because during their time in your life, they make such a good impact. If you find an Aatif, don’t let go.
Aww he’s so sweet, no wonder he’s named Aatif
by nerdyandbookish August 18, 2018
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Needs a lot more food. Bad and boujee defines him in three words. Aatif likes giraffs
OMG Aatifs so "bad and boujee'
by lohyehmohyeh1345769 February 14, 2017
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