it's not redundant, as the first "bullshit" is an adjective, and the second one is a noun.
dude this is bullshit
what's bullshit?
that bullshit over there!
so that bullshit is bullshit?
werd, that's some bullshit bullshit.
let's go smoke a bowl.
by the Juan & only February 14, 2009
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Such as being passed up for a promotion by a newbie.

Paula: Well, Andy, the numbers just came in and you are by far our best salesman. So, I am promoting you to floor manager.

Mooj: This is the bullshit of all bullshits!
by Shifty Eyeballs October 22, 2014
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When something is above and beyond untrue or false but still happens to you!
I just got screwed at work… that’s some bullshit ass bullshit!

I just got a flat tire! That some bullshit ass bullshit
by Urbandicologist June 16, 2021
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