A boorish youth with a skinhead or crewcut whose sole interests in life are violent activities such as cage fighting, football hooliganism, causing fights in pubs, and hanging around seedy gyms etc These activities are also their only topic of conversation usually through a sense of inadequacey. They are always found wanting when faced with a fair fight. Their ambition in life is to become a bouncer.
That Alan is such a bullet head, always causing fights after he's had two pints.
''Oi bullet head! Stop acting hard on those girls cos your with a gang''
by PWD July 5, 2006
i hate myself i wish i was dead i'm so bored i'm such a go damn disappointment my friends don't have time for me i want someone to fucking kill me i don't want to be here anymore i'm so fucking bored i'm trapped in a endless cycle i hate myself i hate myself i hate myself
Me: i want someone to put a bullet through my head
Someone: hahaha i won't lol
by bunny_adipshit November 20, 2021