Rootless, lifeless, metropolitan drones who have a permanent thousand-yard stare due to an existence void of any meaning other than waiting for the next iPhone.

The new world order's model citizen.
I saw a bug man the other day. Horrible creatures!
by fghjfghjtyu November 30, 2017
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Void of independent thought, a Bug Man is compelled to purchase and consume unnecessary products they see on social media. It wouldn’t be an issue if they weren’t so incessant on YOUR need to consume as much as they do. Find your nearest Bug Man browsing Amazon or sponsored websites on Instagram anywhere people congregate. Bug Men have no sense of direction, no desire to stop to think whether they really need that cotton candy machine they found on Amazon or that overpriced Japanese mechanical pencil they will likely use only once then quickly forget about when they acquire their next product. If you see a Bug Man out in the wild you must stay away. Bug Men are known to reproduce through infection of the mind. Once you’re bit with the unyielding itch to consume it’s all over.
Lucas “Hey man you gotta check out this Brita Water Dispenser I just got off Amazon! It holds up to 25 cups of water AND it’s slim so it doesn’t take up much space inside your fridge! It only cost me $75 USD plus shipping!”
Mike “Why would you spend $75 on a water dispenser when you can just get a 5 gallon water jug for less than $10? You’re such a Bug Man for buying unnecessary shit.”
by Practicalstuffenjoyer July 25, 2023
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