military acronym
biggest ugliest fattest fucker ever recruited
commonly used in navy
by Kyle Celeron September 15, 2008
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a person you hire from off the street to buy you porn, a rated m video game or sneak you into a r rated movie also known as your "big brother"
"hey tell that guy if he will buffer me to buy me a playboy"
by stormtrooper501 October 14, 2009
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A man or women who is curvaceous or big in the right places. For a girl it could describe the larger size of her hips thighs, bottom or chest and for a boy it could describe his larger sized arms, sholders, thighs, chest and bottom. A person wouldnt necessarily need to be larger or buff in all areas to be considered a buffers
"That girls a buffers!",
"My next door neigbour is a buffers!"
by JD East London July 06, 2005
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maintaining a friend with benefits, or a fuck buddy, in order to avoid the urge to look for or find an S.O.
Melissa is the best fuck buddy Mike has ever had. When will they just wake up, quit buffering, and tie the knot?
by WowZaa June 18, 2008
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Someone who acts in an anti-social manner toward their immediate neighbours.
That Buffer is telling her dog to bark again. Noisy Buffer!
by Steve Woodier October 27, 2007
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People who removes graffiti. they wear a white jumpsuit and orange vests with reflective stripes.
and uses paint rollers to cover ups all artworks.
Even though buffers are just doing their jobs. they still suck.

HAHAHA Look!! that buffer fell on his head!! AAAHAHAH!
by DigDug March 08, 2004
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