A bong or water pipe. Australian colloquial term.
"hey mate, pack us a bueg"
"oi cunt, wheres me bueg"
"hey mum, come smoke a bueg"
"lets go to mine and smoke some bueg's"
by G-dawg & Nick the fag December 11, 2007
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pronunciation - Biggie, Big "E"
Of German original - possibly from the German noun buguel, i.e. handle, hanger, stirrup

Possibly one of the most amazing persons you will ever meet. With dashing good looks, i.e. luxorious wavy brown hair and bright blue eyes and a jolly smile to top the cake. However, he uses his powers, not to womanize, but for a greater good. He does however hold a few special people close to his heart. Most of his time is spent studying to generate his cultured background, but enjoys a slew of activities, including discing, soccer and photoshop. He was concieved on October 15th 1987 when a female ninja became infatuated with a lumberjack with from a German/Irish background of equally impressive looks. He enjoys flannel and the Beastie Boys. Most of his time is spent flying. Rawk.
Alli: This one time, freshman year, I discovered this amazing boy named Buege, he was just totally rad. We have been friends ever since.

some tron: OMG, I just got totally pwnd by Buege, I'm a total n00bzors, shame on me raptor Jesus!

Buege's roomate: I watched transformers the movie once with Buege, it was epic as hell.
by Sir Biggles May 03, 2007
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"Wanna come round for a cutla buegs?"
"Got no bueg juice bro"
by Bingbing24 January 25, 2016
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The main event. The party ain't a party til el buege makes his/ her appearance at the door.

Also meaning for a live event
We gotta get to that concert tonight. I hear its gonna be el buege.
by Burnaa January 20, 2011
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