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When one decides for one reason or another to bump the buddies in their top-8 on Myspace to a lower position.

Most tweens/young teens do this when they are fighting with their friends about boys/and or who's lipgloss color is the cutest.
(girl crying...)
Mom: Hunny what's wrong? Why are you crying??
Daughter: Bobby buddy bumped me for some bitch ass ho from third period!
Mom: Awe, I'm sorry, just kick him in the huevos!


Taisha: That BITCH! (gasping at the computer)
Shanaynay: Guuuuurl what's going on?
Taisha: Latisha buddy bumped me for that piece o' trash shithead that made her do a dirty sanchez!
Shanaynay: She a ho... forget about her!
by Nicki de Cali December 21, 2006
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