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A dire medical situation in which a male human has BROKEN his erect penis.

Although the penis is not really a bone - it only feels that way 90% of the time! - it can still be broken, if enough force is applied at the correct angle (e.g. falling on it, or slamming it in a door).

Often, there is an audible "cracking" sound accompanying this tortuous, apocalyptic event. And, like a broken bone, the fractured penis needs to be "set" as soon as possible after breakage occurs, to ensure proper healing.

A broken penis is a medical emergency, so if you are experiencing the symptoms of bucklecock (screaming in pain, penis misshapen and pointing off at a sickening angle, significant other has feinted from the sight of it, etc.) then I implore you to stop reading this and seek professional medical assistance immediately.
I fell out of bed last night and got bucklecock! When I wouldn't quit screaming, my girlfriend taped a tennis ball in my mouth and drove me to the emergency room, where everyone laughed at me while I laid under a table, whimpering.
by cathodeRay March 14, 2008
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When a male and female are engaged in sexual intercourse and going at it full pelt the males penis accidently slips out but in the heat of the moment goes for an instant re-dock but instead misses the target thus causeing a painfull and instant deformation of the penis in a buckling manner.
hey tom i was going at it hammer n tongs with this tart that i picked up whilst out on the raz last night but about half way through my chubby popped out and the bitch sat right on top of my dick and she gave me a right buckle cock.
by mmmicecream May 09, 2009
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1)Condition created from the consumption of excess alcohol resulting in temporary impotence.
2)Condition created from seeing extremely fat or ugly women resulting in temporary impotence.

When I saw her face it was total bucklecock, dood!
by Remover October 03, 2003
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