A knife manufactured by the Buck Knives company, which is one of many companies that produce cutlery. They make a wide variety of knives, both fixed and folding designs. Most are for hunting or everyday utility purposes, but a few are "tactical" (offensive/defensive) in nature.
To refer to a knife as a "buck knife" is not descriptive or useful at all. People need to quit doing that.
Idiot: That Jared Loughner had a 4-inch buck knife! He could've stabbed somebody with his buck knife!

Intelligent person: I have a small collection of pocket knives. My favorites are Buck, Kershaw, and Spyderco.

Idiot: Hey dude, check out my new buck knife!
Intelligent person: It has "Gerber" printed right on the blade, man.
by imsurroundedbyidiots January 18, 2011
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When you get stabbed in the belly button by a small shank or a large katana. It can also be the jizzing onto a females belly button...
Dude the guy riding his mountain bike totally just buck knifed that fool in the stomach
by (>)`-`(>) June 24, 2008
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