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When you get stabbed in the belly button by a small shank or a large katana. It can also be the jizzing onto a females belly button...
Dude the guy riding his mountain bike totally just buck knifed that fool in the stomach
by (>)`-`(>) June 23, 2008
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When you walk in on your wife having an affair. You immediately challenge the man to a penis duel. The loser gets a reach around while the winner performs a donkey punch.
Nice we totally traffic coned my wife last night
by (>)`-`(>) July 10, 2008
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A feeling that usually takes place after a coleman, Becker, schlotfeldt,Foland, and a Traffic cone
You sneeze out a little green fairy that goes around spitting acid into the eyes of small children and leaves little pink floating piles of fairy feces. You would feel weirded out..
by (>)`-`(>) July 10, 2008
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