v. Get big; get rich
n. Growth in greatness or wealth
I'm broke as fuck in this life that I'm livin' in
I'm watchin' niggaz bubble and the jealousy is kickin' in
-Knumskull, in Put the Lead on Ya
I'm scrubble master, so
The doodoo that you do
Will only make me want to bubble faster
-Knumskull, in Put the Lead on Ya
Snoopin' around, found trouble
For tryna fuck up a nigga bubble
-Knumskull, in Put the Lead on Ya
by TruWarier June 26, 2012
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- Bubbles from Powerpuff Girls!
- Super cute and energetic but somewhat weird when it comes to her vocab usage
- Likes takis, cake, and ice cream
- Very honest and dislikes lying unless necessary

- An intelligent 4-year-old
i am so sad today and I have a bag of takis that I can't finish. I wish I had Bubbles!
via giphy
by Pseudonymid March 10, 2018
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a Greek person

how honkey is to a white man, how nigga is to a black man
those fkn bubbles eh?
by poushti July 09, 2004
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round pockets of air that are produced through the duration of a good water pipe.
Jindo's new toy makes some mercilous 10 foot bubbles, so you better watch out.
by die-nough-soar July 09, 2003
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girl with a fat ass.
yo! look at that shorty with that fat ass, sure looks like a bubble ta me.
by Trevor October 04, 2003
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Slang term uk.
Orig. North west (bursting ones bubble)

The act of informing (often the authorities) of another persons actions, having negative consequences for such individual.
"Some cunt has bubbled me to the DSS. I'm fucked I gotta pay it all back to em. I tell ya if I catch the cunt that did it i'm gonna fuck em proper".
by Prof. L. Inguista September 11, 2006
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you'd say it when someone is talking complete useless crap & wont shut up, when someone is trying to put a point across & you dont understand what it is
1ST GUY --- " its true though aint it, you know what i mean ? "

2ND GUY --- " check you chatting bubbles"

3RD GUY --- " Yeah i know man, your chatting big fucking bubbles "
by I C E August 25, 2005
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