A nugget of shit protuding less than an inch from a persons anus.

See Touching Cloth and Turtle Head
Ben asked Jon, Does your arse have a brown nose?
by Jim_Reaper August 19, 2008
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Origin: results when waking up in the middle of the night to eat out your girlfriend or significant other's private anal area; only to find they had passed wet gas leaving the person performing oral service covered with brown debris.

Verb: means having a bad day, fucked over, or being treated badly
Also: Brown nosed, brown noseying
Having a bad day:

How was your day bro?

Fuck dude, I got brown nosed the entired day. My boss kept being a cunt to me all day. Yelling at me and asking me to do tons of useless bullshit work.

Getting fucked over:

Dude, you just got another 4 hours of work at 10 pm on Friday, and you've been here since 6 am. You got brown nosed, ha ha

Bro, I drank a lot last night. I'm fucking brown nosed today.

Getting screwed:

If two bros work together for the same boss:

Bro, I work less than you, leave earlier every day and I got a phat raise. You got brown nosed--no raise and you work twice as hard as me. Fuck YEAH!!!

After partying too hard:

Bro, we smoked pot all night, drank five handles of crown and did 3 grams of coke, I'm fuckn brown nosed today

Fucked over:

Dude, I'm gonna brown nose that bitch. She's been lying and cheating on me. I'm gonna key her fucking car, bust a nut in her milk, put pubes in her food in the fridge; and dip her tooth brush in the toilet. That cunt is never gonna know.
by Mike999 August 05, 2009
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An bi effect of lickin pussy and gettin shit on your nose
You get a brown-nose from Brown-nosing-
by YARR, ME ARE TEH PIRATE February 06, 2003
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The brown nose is when your in the 69 position u sit up and u have to shit.its half out and half in and you sit on ur parenters nose
Your mom got the brown nose by me!
by Little.Boom July 14, 2006
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A racist term used to describe the nose of a black persons comparing it to that of poop
Nigel you a brown-nose n*****
by Ganghangwzj June 04, 2018
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