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This technique involves hovering about 2 feet over a public toilet and shitting all over the seat and surrounding floor. In some instances, one may wish to just shit on the floor, in a corner of the stall that is nowhere near the toilet. For added effect, smearing the shit all over the facilities could be useful, but it comes with a cost (shit on your hands). The first time I performed this move, I left a soiled pair of underwear hanging from the faucet. This move is similar to a wet down, but the use of feces ensures that this move will be remembered.
Guy 1: Oh man, this McD's gave me the McRuns so bad that I couldn't even finish my meal before I was running to the bathroom.
Guy 2: Well you shouldn't have eaten 6 double cheesburgers.
Guy 1: You're telling me. What's worse is that the toilet seat had piss on it.
Guy 2: Did you give Ronald McDonald a brown down?
Guy 1: Fuck yeah. I even left my soiled underwear hanging from the faucet.
Guy 1 and 2: Wicked!!!
by Jim W September 03, 2007
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A situation where people of ethnicity and of certain skin tones (brown or tan) are subjected to racist undertones.
Just leave it to the aussies to keep the brown down!
by The watchersofmen May 25, 2019
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