When upon someone hearing the song "Brown Eyed Girl" they immediately phone someone while the song blasts in the background. after the chorus the caller shouts :" you just got brown eyed" or "you just got brown eyed bitch" into the phone at the lucky recipient. Then they immediately hang up. Similar to a Rick Roll, audio only though. Very popular in the Southern US.
You are at home one night and your cell phone rings, you pick it up but all you hear is Brown Eyed Girl blasting in the background followed by a drunk friend at a wedding reception who yells "you just got brown eyed". You hang up the phone and your roommate says who was that and all you can say is " I think I just got brown eyed".
by wizardsnflames May 28, 2009
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The act of cracking an egg in someones ass and then fucking them until it scrambles.
I had a one night stand last night, and this morning i fixed her a brown eyed breakfast.
by FAGATRON69 May 15, 2017
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Brown Eyed Girls are a girl Korean pop crew.

Crew: Narsha, Ga-In, Jea, Miyro.
Abracadabra by Brown Eyed Girls is awesome so is Sign!
by BrownEyedGirlsFan! May 26, 2010
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This is similar to the arabian goggles,but you discretely squat over someones head while they are sleeping and put both of your nuts in each eye socket simultaneuosly gently placing your ass hole on their nose. You patiently wait in the pirched position until they wake up. It will take them a few seconds before they realize what's going on and when they finally do... you flinch your butt cheeks while they are still spread and your ass hole winks at them giving it the proper name The Brown Eyed Wink.
My girlfriend said we were going to have hot, sweaty, gorilla sex last night and when I came back from the bathroom she was sleeping, so in a frantic rage I decided to give her "The Brown Eyed Wink"...to make a long story short we're not dating anymore.
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-when you have a loose butt hole from too much anal.
- when you're on a trampoline and you yell "not too high" because you don't want poop to fall out
-when your parents are brother and sister
amy has the brown eyed special erryday from johnny
by zrkleaf July 17, 2011
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When someone is sucking on a man's testicles from behind and gets his/her face shit on.
Bro last night I gave a chick a brown eyed squirrel.
by Jackskull July 24, 2017
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Any person with brown eyes that are exceptionally beautiful and or cute.
"Man did you see the eyes on that Tara girl? She's definitely a brown eyed angel."
by Billprice June 17, 2008
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