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Originally an enclosed 2-4 passenger Carriage.

In automotive terms, a brougham was originally a sedan with an enclosed passenger compartment but no roof over the front end.

Starting in the 1950s Cadillac used the name for some exclusive versions of their 4-door ElDorado and Fleetwood sedans. Being top of the line cars, Broughams tend to be status symbols.

In america, "Brougham" is supposed to be pronounced "Broam," rhyming with "foam." However in contemporary vernacular, its often pronounced "Bro-HAM," since the word appears to have two syllables.
I just traded my lincoln for a Cadillac Eldorado Broughham.
by Henry Lynn August 28, 2004
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One of many variations of the nickname 'brother'. Brother begat bro, which begat brougham. Brougham has been further modified to create such nicknames as broughamsky.

A brougham is typically one of your close-but-not-closest friends, or a friend of a friend. It can also be used in emergencies when you forget someone's name, e.g. dude, chief, etc.

Almost nobody who uses it knows that it's actually spelled brougham, or that a Brougham is a Cadillac.
by zio228 July 10, 2008
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A popular Cadillac vehicle used by gangsters.
1 I was rollin' in my Brougham last night.

2 I hooked up my Brougham with daytons.
by Brandon LeMire February 19, 2004
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Brougham is the “phonetically” correct pronunciation of a 1970s and 80s rear wheel drive Cadillac Fleetwood. However, the “ebonically” correct pronunciation is “Broham”.

The word Brougham (Broham) is commonly used within the African American community regarding people who drive these Caddy “Wips , “Ghetto Cruisers”, or “Hoopties”.

Many African Americans can be seen driving a Brougham (Broham) typically with 20 inch rims (Dubs).

Most Black Urban youths across the country dream of one day owning a Brougham (Broham) so they can pick up “shorties” and bring them back to their “crib”.
Yo Homie! Let's roll up on deez bitches in yo Brougham and bring dem back to my crib.

cadillac fleetwood caddy broham brougham dubs
by Kdaddy69 October 15, 2011
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A buggy or ride, in general.
Boy you sounding silly, thank my Brougham ain't sittin' pretty/Doin'g doughnuts round you suckas like them circles around...

re: Outkast Aquemini Rosa Parks
by Mattius December 07, 2003
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Caucasian def. Close friends; a common greeting to a friend.
Black def. Your niggas; a common greeting to one of your niggas.
Caucasian usage "Hey brougham, what's the good word?"
Black usage "Yo brougham, raise the fuck up off my Kool-Aid!"
by Talking Goat June 20, 2003
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