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Ever feel like you can't get your life together? Like the only next possible step is quitting? Brotivation is the push you need from a close friend who knows you well. That friend provides adequate motivation for your next step to be successful and confident completion of you duties. Hella necessary during hangovers, depressed moods, exhaustion, and general lethargy.
Dude, I had 12 long island iced teas last night, there is NO WAY I can go to the hospital and help my wife push out our first baby.

Bro, this is the moment your life begins. No amount of LIT's should stop you from watching the moment you become a father.

Dude, you are right. Get me a glass of water and a some clothes that I didn't vomit on. Thanks for the brotivation.
by Meeshelluh May 13, 2010
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Motivation, often for working out or sports, that comes from a fellow bro cheering or urging you on.
Dude, that trainer, he was the source of my brotivation when I was benching.
by vas-deferens April 27, 2015
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