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Synonym for beer, usually used by people who kick ass
Excuse me sir, where are your bronsens located?
What is the status with the bronsens for tonights party?
by Obuck April 04, 2006
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A reference to something that resembles the character of the mighty Charles Bronsen. It can be used as a noun or adjective with various meanings.

1 Adj; incredibly gangster, tough, and suave.

2 Adj; powerful, potent.

3 N; Male genitalia.

1 Adj: "Dude that was so Bronsen when you busted through that window with that pistol and dry humped dude's mom."

2 Adj: "That blow you had the other night was totally Bronsen. Did you get that from Charlie??"

3 N: "Lick my Bronsen you homo." or "My Bronsen is so immaculate it impregnated a rhino, a whale, and a donkey last night while I was asleep."
by TronDizzle October 03, 2007
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