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simply, a contraction of the words "bro" and "don't".
Bradster: Dude,bro, should I switch out this pink polo for the white one? Or should I wear them both? Pop the collars?

Chadinator: Dude, bron't!
by Gymnopedia May 22, 2009
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Bront is a word used to describe a man or womans upper groin area when it is so out of shape and fat that it resembles a butt in the front, hence the name Bront.

Similar to a Fupa or Gunt, the Bront is differentiated by the appearance of a ass-crack like crevice running down the center along the axis of the navel.
"I thought that chick just had a nasty Fupa but when her shirt raised up a little I saw it was really a Bront. It was such a Bront I am now calling her Charles Bront-son, or a Brontosaurus."
by jonezbonez September 22, 2009
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