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a joke;a person who has joke-like qaulities
agustin is a broma
by cookiexomo April 24, 2009
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The state following what is commonly referred to in medical circles as a "Broverdose", in which extreme brah-ing out and/or acting like Will Bergen (Time Magazines "Bro of the Year")
"AHH Dude, i'm chilling too hard, partying too hard, laxing too hard, hanging out with Will too much, this bro-verdose is about to lead to a Broma"

I hung out with Will Bergen, immediately after, I went into a Broma.
by Terri "Triple T" Schaivo January 29, 2009
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Basically Christmas not on Christmas for bros only, on a day decided by bros. with all gifts based of bro stuff.
Bro A: "bro are you pumped for bromas?"
Bro B: "yeah bro, i got you a millonaires t-shirt! andagamecube"
by bromas4life January 21, 2009
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