Noun: See broad

Sounds like: (b)road

Intentional mis-pronunciation of the term broad, with the same definition.
Dahveed: "Hey that brode is so hawt I wanna fuck her tube"
by Dahveed May 12, 2008
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n. a fit of laughter

v. to laugh
I prefer brode over bro'd.
by Voyaging November 3, 2014
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verb-to exhibit the qualities of being a bro
Lets grab a beer and brode.
by Nemet!!!! February 8, 2009
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The combination of dude and bro. Typically used by stoners or surfers.
That was knarly brode.
by austell May 9, 2015
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The mixture between a Bro and a dude.
What's up Brode, lets go lay down some hammers!
by JemmaLemma December 10, 2009
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the combined actions of computer coding and bro'ing out with your buds.
Hey what are you doing this weekend? I'm broding like a boss with my buds Mark and Shuks...
by Sir Brodes A lot April 26, 2011
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The word used to describe the ultimate code of the bro. The code that all true bros all bound to follow. Man Law
Kory-"Dude, did you just steal my fruit snacks?"


Kory-"Man, you're totally breaking the brode!"
by Supa_Bro April 1, 2009
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