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Brocialism is the political, social, and economic ideology of those who claim to have Socialist or Communist leanings, but whose behaviour or beliefs are hypocritically sexist. A brocialist will probably even claim to be a feminist, and actively supportive of women's equality, sometimes in the same moment that they treat women like dirt. Brocialist party meetings often consist of nine guys explaining Trotsky to each other while two women sit silent and forgotten in the corner.
She couldn't believe the level of brocialism present at her branch meeting. It was basically just a frat party with assigned readings.
by JohnMoreDread December 26, 2015
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Brocialism is a brocial and broconomic system characterized by brocial ownership of the means of broduction and co-operative management of the broconomy as well as a brolitical theory and movement that aims at the establishment of such a system. "Brocial ownership" may refer to cooperative enterprises (ragers, keggers, hospital visits, etc), common ownership (brotein powder, pizza, weights), or any combinajtion of these. There are many varieties of brocialism and there is no single definition encapsulating the boundlessness nature of brociety.
"Bill Clinton's economic policies are capitalistic, but his Oval Office policy with brunettes define brocialism."
by APB&KC February 18, 2014
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