beard, or a mustache, word is usually used by cholo/gangsters
hey fool, you got some firme ass BROCHA there!!
by cholosbbygirl13 September 02, 2009
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ang pagdila sa puki na parang nagpipinta gamit ang dila

-the act of licking the pussy like painting using the tongue
mukhang masarap yang puki mo, ma-brocha nga..

-your pussy looks yummy, i wanna 'brocha' it..
by stringbean August 23, 2006
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to smooch a pussy to make it fuckin wet.
paki brocha mo nga ang puki ko!
by 4th class August 25, 2003
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-Brocha (Spanish for brush) is Spanish slang for mustache.-
Brocha Porn is a gay fantasy/fetish pornography involving Mexican men who look like cholos fresh from prison. They are typically muscled, tattooed, shaved or slicked back hair and have a thick brocha. The sexual intercourse Between the men is usually aggressive.
“Hey vato you see OG Screamer in his latest Brocha Porn?
Homie looked all firme while banging Lil Puppets ass!”

“Simon fool I just watched it, he’s my favorite!!!”
by Gay Vato September 15, 2020
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