Oral sex from one of your guy friends in a totally-not-gay way
Guy 1: Yo that dude is sucking your dick! You guys are so fucking gay!
Guy 2: No man, it's cool. it's just a bro j.
by CFR21b8 July 29, 2008
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A word to describe intense physical bonding between two males. Bro-Jays can only occur between two males, such an act of unbridled passion could not possible take place with a woman (They just don't understand). A Bro-J is often associated with words like Bromosexual, Bromotional, Brohan Sebastian Bach, and Brohemian Rhapsody.
After a very strenuous and physical activity, some bromosexuals may like to release some stress by getting a nice Bro-J from a fellow Bronamith.
by David Browie September 15, 2009
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Noun. That best friend of yours that always gets blamed for things he probably did, yet still gets away with them.
Chad: Dude, did you hear Mike got caught pulling a double decker last week?
Brandon: No way, seriously?
Chad: Yeah, but he def totes got away with it, brah. We got Bro J. Simpson over here...
by The Makeout Bandit October 25, 2011
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a hella sik word that needs to be used more by the american people. basically the same as a bro, but waaaaay siiiiiiiker
sik ass pimp 1: yo nigga, whats up
sik ass pimp 2: not much bro j

hella sik dude: whats up bro j simpson?

by Fuskers November 16, 2006
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A derogatory term used to describe:

(1) A spurious bro who tries to fit in with genuine bros, but fails

(2) A poser, wannabe or social climber, often marked by overconfidence

Sometimes used by Anglo-Americans to express ethnic distaste or xenophobia, especially toward Italians, Jews, Eastern Europeans and even Irish

Also slang for jabroni
Bro 1: "Look at that j bro over there, what a wop! Who let him in?"
Bro 2: "I wish I knew. What kind of bro rocks an untucked black button down? And hair gel?!"
Bro 1: "A j bro, obviously. And chinstrap sideburns, to boot!"
by The Brocrastinator December 10, 2009
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derogatory only in that we could never remember his name.

a.k.a. "Jay", then "'bro", then " J-BRO", "j- b-dub" (jbw), " j-b dub-stylee" (when a sound engineer for ska / reggae band), and "jim-bo".
original response from said character in 1995, "dude, my name is Jim! ..... Uhh..., you know?... James?!

J- bro has been the contraction for at least one male who's name begins with a j and who's name doesn't match up with his face, causing confusion with more than one drunken musician in Boston, while auditioning guitarists in 1995.
" hey j, i can't hear my kick drum" (turn the guitar down)
" j-bro, when are YOU gonna buy some beers?"
"j-b-dub! doin' sound at t.t.'s tonight?"
"Iree!!! dub stylin' j-b-dub's in the house tonight!"
".. whatch you godda do is relax jim-bo!"
by donny of the drummonds September 29, 2011
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