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Oral sex from one of your guy friends in a totally-not-gay way
Guy 1: Yo that dude is sucking your dick! You guys are so fucking gay!
Guy 2: No man, it's cool. it's just a bro j.
by CFR21b8 July 28, 2008
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A word to describe intense physical bonding between two males. Bro-Jays can only occur between two males, such an act of unbridled passion could not possible take place with a woman (They just don't understand). A Bro-J is often associated with words like Bromosexual, Bromotional, Brohan Sebastian Bach, and Brohemian Rhapsody.
After a very strenuous and physical activity, some bromosexuals may like to release some stress by getting a nice Bro-J from a fellow Bronamith.
by David Browie September 14, 2009
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Blow job from a bro.
"It's not gay if you help a bro out with a little head, it's just a broj."
by Shirtlifterbear December 02, 2012
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It's what gay people like to give each other kind of like how brett does.
Brett: Man do I love giving bro-j's to men.
Me: Dude that's totally gay!
Brett: Nuh uhh dude it's totally not gay.
by Forstevewonderseyesonly July 21, 2011
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