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1) Beef from the United Kingdom, which was illegally barred from France.

2) Powerful, British cars from any British car company that makes luxury or speedy cars. Examples would be Jaguar, aston, rolls-royce, bentley, tvr, westfield or any other prestige motor company. Sometimes, Lotus is incorrectly defined as british beef.

British beef tends to be hand built violence from renowned companies. Unlike the lame muscle car from the wrong side of the atlantic (for cars at least), british beef is built solidly, and does not need to chase off ricers to look good. The only real competitors to British beef are the German and Italian cars, although many Italian cars produce rattling at higher speeds, and give a feeling of cheapness.
My 6.0 Litres of British Beef xjs tore that old queer in the vette a new arsehole.

NON! vee vill not mange you beef! We eat fwoggeeez!
by Gumba Gumba March 19, 2004
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Namely TVR, seeing as the rest of the world has bought our beloved motor industry, it being the greatest in the world. Despite their reputation for uneconomical sports cars which are a touch unreliable, they produced the cerbera speed 12, capable of 240mph. I believe that rapes everything American, and anything french.
''Oh hell no son, my dinosaur V8 was ripped to pieces by that Silver flash that went by, it must have been a TVR''

''Ve are ze french, ve vill stick to our renault 5, no? va va voom thierry henry you talentless git''
by July 21, 2004
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what is left in the seat by a jaguar owner after a corvette passes him
oh no i left some british beef in my jag seat after that corvette beat me
by neon41 April 25, 2006
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