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A now-defunct British car manufacturer.

In it's prime it was known for making fibreglass-bodied sports cars, with slightly upsetting build quality but very interesting dynamics - they would go around a corner sideways just as fast as a German rival would with grip at all four of it's wheels.

They were - and are - stupid fast in a straight line, and are known for shitting all over more expensive rivals, leaving their rich owners wondering what just hit them. They do not feature any driving aids, everything is down to the inevitably hairy-chested driver to keep the TVR in question on the road.

In the 90's until their demise, they started to turn out some interesting designs with their own unique little quirks. Initially, these designs seemed to be elegant, maybe even retro - look at the Griffith and the Chimaera. Then they released the Tuscan, and nobody really knew what the fuck was happening anymore. TVR went out with a bang, with the Sagaris - the internal door releases were by the stereo head unit, and the body had a weird combination of design features, which were all disgusting yet strangley and upsettingly erotic.

TVR was eventually destroyed when they were bought out by some amateur Russian communist businessman, called Nicholas Smallwinky, or something.
"What the fuck was that?"
- a BMW M5 driver, confused at the TVR Sagaris that has just passed him and started drifting on a straight road.
by British Leyland April 29, 2010
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British hand-built ultra-violent speed machines that use their light weight and phenomenal power to attain blistering speeds. Unlike other performace machines, these were not designed for the road. Racing, whether quarter mile or track, this will blaze a trail ahead of all but the track-based vehicles. Forget your lame 'vette (porsche power and crap car at normal prices), this is supercar at BMW price.

To outrun one of these violently-delightful little fuckers, you'll either need a kit car like a westfield, or a high-spec sports car, like a decent ferrari or, for the Cerbera speed 12, a 200mph+ supercar (ie McLaren F1, Jaguar XJ220, Ferrari enzo or similar vehicle)

Apparantly, TVR is short for trevor.
Muscle car fan#1: Wow, that tuscan is beautiful. You think we should sell our old, crappy muscle cars and get something like that?

Muscle car fan#2: Why ya hf ta go saying thins lak thayat? We sure is mighty happy with our ugly-ass, slow, thirsty cars.
by Gumba Gumba March 21, 2004
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British Supercar, little heard of outside of the isles, aside from the appearance of a TVR Tuscan in the movie Swordfish. The cars are all great performance bargains, riding on steel tube-frame beckbones with fibreglass bodywork which results in the cars having a very light curb weight (~2200 pounds or so). This, combined with the fact that a 350 HP v8 is weakest powerplant available, results in blistering performance, all for about 30,000 pounds base price. Their top-of-the-line car is the Tuscan T440R, essentially a roadgoing lemans car, which is so named because it has 440HP, is a carbonfibre rocket that tops out at 215 mph and can run with the best of the supercars, all for a 50k pounds price tag.
Those of you who see the corvette as the ultimate performance bargain have obviously never heard of a TVR

American 1: Damn that car is crazy looking!!!
American 2: It's supple curves look almost organic
TVR Driver: That's the name of the game with a TVR, now hold still while I smoke your candy asses
by Alex B. December 23, 2004
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Incessantly British car manufacturer that seems to be inable to make a car that doesnt kick ass. Griffith, Cerbera, Chimeara, Tuscan, 450 SEAC, Tamora, T350 are the best ones. Can kick the shit out of any car that is not more than 3 times the price before modifications.
look at the beutiful shape and wondeful growl of my 4.2 litre Rover V8 as i blow by you down the A1
by Pimpin in Pink December 17, 2004
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Designed to speed The TVR Cerbera or Tuscan can cut the 1/4 mile under 9 seconds
That TVR Cerbera Ass raped my Special order Corvette in a quarter mile drag!
by Nadir July 15, 2003
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Company makes extremely fast assed cars but you can't buy then in the US because of crash standards
by Dan the Man July 15, 2003
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a Brittish drink, can often be ordered in bars, invented as a piis take of the car manufacturer, consists of Tequila Vodka and Red bull
TVR please mate ( at pub / bar)
by ash May 07, 2005
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