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To finish something off completely so that no question of whether or not you did it remains. If a person says "Bring that shit in", they are implying that a situation, a game, a scenario, a construct, or a competition must come to an end quickly. In the context of a sporting event, the phrase is used primarily in baseball games, although Larry Bird was well known for using it when he coached the Boston Celtics.

The phrase was made popular by the revolutionary, socialist band, Rage Against the Machine in the songs "Take the Power Back" and "Freedom". It was used in the context of inciting rebellion against the current capitalist economic system, although this meaning is not exclusive to the phrase.
{At a baseball game}
Coach: C'mon guys. I know it's the bottom of the ninth and we're down two runs. But you all need to get focused. You all need to get the led out. I don't want to see any pussying out. You run like a bat out of hell from base to base. C'mon! Bring that shit in!
by ComradeDave April 14, 2007
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