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a beautiful classy calm loving girl who most people like.
Lauren: Brii is my best friend she is awesome
Kathryn: I know right she is amazzing
by oheyxxo August 14, 2016
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a slutty, librarian looking for sex. will do anything, or anyone wiith a hole or dildo. tends to walk into walls & holes. they always LOVE cucumbers & tangerines. is a complete nerd who loves to read all day. is a true BELIEBER & jacks off to justin bieber. wears very low cut shirts. is addicted to making iced tea for other people. also called dickbanger
carolyn: look at that slut listening to justin bieber & reading the dictionary!
tyla: yeah, what a brii!
carolyn: haha she just fell in a hole.
tyla: she's a true brii
by tangerine and cucumber July 21, 2010
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