teh noopy crew, nooper of the noop

a crew with 1 member *cough hells angel cough*

it is said the colour crew made this crew exstinked.
the colour brigade is for nobodys.
by rawr i are teh 1337 June 6, 2004
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A bunch of awfull fire emblem units,they are pathetic and useless, asside from Sothe, Nolan and Edward i guess
Guard 1:
Guard 2:
NO, IT'S just a bird
by Tellierloc April 8, 2020
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Watermelon brigades is a derogatory reference, by rightwing writers, to environmental conservationists who they see as "green on the outside, red on the inside", i.e. hard left "reds", hiding behind environmental "green" facade.
Trump has stirred up all sorts of very nasty and vicious dregs and a visceral hatred from his political opposition particularly the hard left watermelon brigade who can’t bear to contemplate any even minor opposition to their agenda
by elprofesor February 8, 2018
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A whole bunch of twits. A twit brigade is a bunch of buffoons.
The school moms are such a twit brigade.
by Holdsitgud March 9, 2022
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